Mystic fortune teller at Zoo: Is J.R the new avatar of ‘Paul the Octopus’?


Traditionally it is observed that when travelers visit to Zoo or Museum people get to see is the colourful birds, incredible wild-animals and other gigantic mammals. Wildlife enthusiasts gather around cages and different corners of Zoos clicks pictures, chat, laugh and few rides here and there, mostly this what usually happens regardless of where ever you go to experience jungle.J.R Colourful MacawBut as it turned out we found out that this not that usually occurs in Zoo. The thrilling magic of jungle is not just all about the same old experience when you are Khao Kheow Open Zoo, let us break the surprise and unwrap the mysteries for you all.J.R Colourful MacawAn enthusiastic ‘J.R’, a colourful Macaw has an unusual obsession of predicting fortunes and it was clearly proved during the recent EURO 2012, when it had predicted and declared the football giant Spain to become the winner. People who had recently visited Khao Kheow Open Zoo were absolutely god smacked the way ‘J.R’ predicts fortunes and how it turned out to be real when Spain won the (Portland/Ukraine) EURO 2012.

After the World Cup final prediction of ‘Paul the psychic octopus’it is Khao Kheow Open Zoo’s Macaw ‘J.R’ is the next fortune-teller who can share its gifted powers to predict future. Be part of this incredible journey and visit Khao Kheow Open Zoo to experience the real fun, excitement and amazement of jungle. Children, young adults and almost anyone who visits Thailand are talking about this new sensation of J.R’s prediction. People from across the world are showering fruits while appreciating these judgments of J.R.

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