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After Dark Night Safari

All the reasons of keeping your family and loved ones happy is simply by the just spending some precious time with them. It brings joy and connects hearts when you indulge with an outdoor fun activity with our family and loved ones. The most visited night safari Thailand is Khao Kheow Open Zoo’s Journey to the jungle. This magnificent program offers after dark experience of wildlife and fun-facts about amazing creatures of jungle.

As sunlight disappears many species from different corners of jungle emerges to find food, water or to find relaxing place for themselves for shelter. Tram ride excites kids and makes them curious about which all animals and birds can be shown as a part of Night Safari Thailand. The experienced tour guides of after dark safari shares quick-facts and trivia about related wildlife creatures.

After Dark Night SafariAfrican savannah zone exhibits beautiful African animals such as antelope, hippos, ostrich, rhinos and many more creatures. The sound of birds, animals and different smell of plants and tree makes your night safari Thailand at the Khao Kheow open zoo is memory of lifetime. For many wildlife enthusiasts and photographer it’s a blessing as it is not just about jungle but the sense of being close to Mother Nature is simply ineffable.

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