One World, One Ocean: Happy World Ocean Day!

Happy World Ocean Day

Since the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution officially recognizing June 8th as World Oceans Day in 2009, several countries in the world have celebrated this day annually. The World Oceans Day is a method of honoring the water bodies on this planet. As we all know that 70% of earth’s surface is water of which 90% exists only in oceans, it is all the more important to protect our water bodies.

Imagine life without water! Earth is the only planet to hold water and hence sustain life. The evolution of life form began from a small cell in the water. Life first existed in water and then on land. After knowing all of this it is surprising as to how ignorant we have become towards this most important natural resource.  The world at large faces a huge water crisis. As the terrain is not same everywhere some locations face the water crisis more starkly than other, but this does not give any individual the leverage to waste water unethically. This is exactly what the World Oceans Day tries to promote and educate people.

World Ocean Day

When we talk about water bodies it is not only the water that it holds but also the marine life in it. Our oceans provide; most of the oxygen we breathe, food in the form of fish and aqua life, regulate our climate, cause rains and provides us limitless inspiration in life!

Human activities over the centuries have deployed the oceans of clean water and disrupted the peace of marine life. The several oil tankers that have spilled and the spraying of detergent to remove the spill have caused an enormous destruction of not only marine life but also other life forms by passing on the toxins through food chain. The list of human junk in the ocean is endless; sunken ships and planes, dumping of garbage and sewage and the most hazardous of all the underwater nuclear tests and dumping of nuclear waste. Hence the world ocean day hopes to grab attention towards these problems and provoke the able individuals to come up with corrective measures to resurrect the sanity of our oceans. After all we are one world, one ocean. JTTJ team also wishes everyone the best wishes of this day; join us to save our world’s oceans.

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