Ostrich – The Mischievous Bird


These flightless birds are native of Africa and by their huge size it is the largest bird in the world. Life span of an ostrich is about 30–40 years. Ostrich belong from the (flightless) Ratite family. They weigh about 100–160 kg. Their size is 7–9 feet. They cannot fly but have lightning speed of about 70 km per hour when they run. Amongst all the birds Ostriches have the biggest eyes which is 5 inches long. An egg of the ostrich weighs about 1500–2300 grams.

This gigantic birds are quick on feet as well aggressive and if they sense threat they may use their most dangerous weapon is that their feet. A kick from ostrich can easily kill a lion or human being. They prefer staying in small herds. Life span of an ostrich is healthy, i.e. between 50–75 years old.


Habitat: Grassland and savannahs

Distribution: Africa

Diet: Ostrich is an omnivorous bird that consumes meat and plants. They consume lots of plants and this is how their quest for water gets fulfilled.

Ostrich Facts

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