Khao Kheow Open’s Educative Outreach Programme at Sriracha Schools

Animal Outrichment Programme Join the blissful weather of Thailand and treat your senses with sheer amazement of wildlife. This is the best time to capture the thrilling moment of jungle with your dear ones. Visit Bangkok’s best zoo Khao Kheow Open Zoo to experience the best wildlife. The adventure never stops it’s just keep going on and on till you enjoy. This is exactly what happens to visitors when they visit Khao Kheow Open Zoo. The smells of the air is simply magical and it lifts up the senses of every person who visits Read more [...]

Buddha Relic Installed at Khao Kheow Open Zoo

buddha-Relic For years the significance of Buddhism has captured the minds of many people across the world. The power of those disciplined path is simply ineffable. Majority of people In Thailand are Buddhists and charm certainly reflects on their culture. Khao Kheow Open Zoo is Thailand’s best place for wildlife and safari has again done something really amazing, any guesses what they might have done this time to add more reasons to visit this adventurous zoo? We are amazed to share with each one of you about Read more [...]

Red-shanked Douc at Khao Kheow Zoo

Red-shanked-douc-monkeys Amongst many wild animals there are certain ones that remain adorable forever. The breed of monkey is something which fits into this category quite easily.  There are times when jungle just remains sublime with its enchanting atmosphere.  The costumed- ape is famously recognized by the name Red- Shanked Douc. For years, across the world Thailand has become hub for wildlife enthusiasts. Khao Kheow Open Zoo has contributed immensely toward endangered animals and it has resulted in healthy population Read more [...]

Cute Baby Gibbon at Khao Kheow Zoo

babygibbon Animal kingdom is closely connected with many people for various reasons. Visitors traveling in zoo and museums enter with preconceived notions about what to expect, the atmosphere and overall visuals of jungle like sites but it seldom turns out other way around when visitors think of Khao Kheow Open Zoo of Bangkok. Best part of being in one of Thailand’s best Khao Kheow Open Zoo is that three out of five times when a visitor walks in they get to see something new at this amazing zoo. Variety Read more [...]

Banteng – The Mighty Cow

banteng-animal Jungles are getting demolished and natural treasures are affected massively for multiple reasons. Khao Kheow Open Zoo has been studying this situation and is trying their best to conserve endangered species by providing them suitable habitats. Thailand has many magnificent bird and animals from across the globe and this is the best chance for visitors to see best of them. Banteng is one of the endangered animals and its population is getting reduced day by day. Journey to the jungle’s animal conservation Read more [...]

Fly with Eco-adventures: Zip line Thailand

zipline To experience certain tour adventurer requires strong physical and mental abilities. Our guidelines at Khao Kheow Open Zoo explain tourists about essential thing that needs and about what to wear and what not to wear while trying Zipline in Thailand. We offer Bangkok’s best Zipline adventures at the best price. We highly recommend Zipline Thailand’s best canopy ride by the flight of the Gibbon to everyone who visits Bangkok’s best Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Feel the thrilling jungle canopy which Read more [...]

Javan Rhino – Rhinoceros Sondaicus

Javan Rhino Wildlife is surrounded with spectacular beauties and mesmerizing charm of wilderness. Javan Rhino is a one-horned rhinoceros from Rhinocerotidae family. They have small thorn compared to their other counterparts. They are one of the rarest amongst their remaining population of rhinos. Length wise these gigantic rhinos are about 10 feet long and upto six feet by height. These rhinos are hairless and gray in appearance. Majority of Javan Rhino were found earlier in the islands such as Sumatra, Java Read more [...]

Special Tour Packages – Enjoy Holidays with Fun

jttj-promotion-packages Open your eyes and let weather take you to divine happiness. Thailand is the ultimate place to enjoy holidays. Regardless of season tourists from across the world visit this beautiful country for various reasons. Let us shade some lights about the attractive packages that will allow you to have best deals for Bangkok. Khao Kheow offers amazing hotel room rates with willow and fir package. These willows rooms are suitable for 2 guests. They are replicated with safari themes. Guests are provided Read more [...]

Barbary Sheep

BarbarySheep This Sheep has large curvy horns. Females have similar horns but smaller. Barbary sheep is also known by many other names such as aoudad, waddan, arui, and arruis. They are about 3 Feet tall by shoulders. Barbary sheep weighs around 40-45 kg. Gestation period of Barbary sheep is between 150-160 das. Their sexual maturity is round about 18 months. Lifespan is 20 years. Native of Barbary sheep is deeply connected with Morocco, Africa. By the studies by IUCN (International Union for the Conservation Read more [...]

Lesser great leaf-nosed Bat

Lesser-great-leaf-nosed-bat It is distracting to see how the population which seemed healthy goes suddenly into one of the most endangered species on the entire earth. Have you ever wondered, why? How can we stop or prevent this? Most of us know that it is happening due to the global warming, industrial requirement, and many other innovative experiments. So in spite of knowing the cause of the concern are not we all supposed to gather our ideas and execute our acts to save all these dying beauties of the wildlife? One of the Read more [...]

Endangered animals in Thailand – Save Treasures of Wildlife

Endangered Animals In Thailand Animal conservation cannot be ignored. Zoos and museums across the world must preserve precious wild animals. Due to constant addition of global warming and erratic climatic changes several species are endangered. Endangered animals need suitable habitats but unfortunately they are getting destroyed by the name of industrial revolutions and other mean acts of various businesses to earn huge funds against the price of birds, animals and by other natural resources. Exclusive shows by Khao Kheow Open Read more [...]

Mystic fortune teller at Zoo: Is J.R the new avatar of ‘Paul the Octopus’?

Macaw Traditionally it is observed that when travelers visit to Zoo or Museum people get to see is the colourful birds, incredible wild-animals and other gigantic mammals. Wildlife enthusiasts gather around cages and different corners of Zoos clicks pictures, chat, laugh and few rides here and there, mostly this what usually happens regardless of where ever you go to experience jungle.But as it turned out we found out that this not that usually occurs in Zoo. The thrilling magic of jungle is not just all Read more [...]