Their Laughter Is The Proof of Divine Sound; Happy International Children’s Day!

Happy International Children’s Day Their laughter fills our heart with warm, their innocence melts the toughest souls, and their love is unbiased; that is how children bless us with their mere presences. Unfortunately some souls are too tough to be melted. Across the globe the world is infested by cruel minds, people who force children into inhuman laborious conditions, child prostitution, beggary rackets, poverty and malnutrition. International Children’s Day is not simply a day to celebrate children but to bring about awareness Read more [...]

The Chilling Beauty: Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger Siberian Tiger facts: Siberian Tigers prefer cold region and they are largely found the coldest areas, Southeastern side of Russia and they are also found in China and North Korea. Siberian cats are also known as (Panthera Tigris Altaica) Amur. Siberian Tigers are reckoned as world's biggest cats, weighing 700 plus pounds and The International Union for Conservation of Nature has declared Siberian Tiger as the most endangered species. Due to illegal poaching population of Siberian Tigers has reduced Read more [...]

Nature That Entertains And Teaches

Khao Kheow Open Zoo Thailand is blessed by mesmerizing jungles and it is spectacular to see how they are being utilized in the places like Bangkok, Pattaya, and other parts of the country. In this Khao Kheow Open Zoo plays a significant role by providing with their cost-effective Jungle Tours, Thailand. It is combined with many thrilling shows and programs to make the visitor’s journey into the jungle worthwhile. Some of them are listed below. Journey to the jungle: It is an educational conservation which has been Read more [...]

Clouded Leopard of Borneo – The Tribe of Cats

Clouded Leopard of Borneo These New cat species are found in Southeast Asia, to be precise Island Sumatra. They come from mainland population. Usual perception about wild cat is that they are large animals who can run fast, swim smoothly and climb trees in a good speed. Many experts from across the world believe that it is difficult to study and comprehend the nature and behavior of Clouded Leopard of Borneo. Clouded Leopards are too from Felidae family. Factors such as space constraint causes massive problem for Clouded Read more [...]

Go slow and steady on the World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day As bizarre as it may sound, the world turtle day is real; and why shouldn’t it be. In 1990 an organization called ‘American Tortoise Rescue‘(ATR) was formed to protect these most loved species of reptiles. In the year 2000 ATR proposed and sponsored May 23 as the World Turtle Day. This sole objective of this day is to celebrate and spread awareness about protect turtles, tortoises and their disappearing habitats around the world. The founders of ATR, Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson express Read more [...]

Celebrating The Beauty In Diversity: International Biological Diversity Day

International Biological Diversity Day The United Nations has announced May 22 the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB). With growing concerns of depleting wildlife and natural substances, this is a global initiative to increase understanding and awareness for conservation. It was first created in late 1993, 29 December was chosen as The International Day for Biological Diversity. However in December 2000, the UN General Assembly adopted 22 May as IDB, this was done because it was difficult for many countries to plan and carry Read more [...]

Inspiring The Young Guns To Shoot Nature

Wildlife Photography Through a photography workshop at Khao Kheow open zoo of Thailand the 'National Geographic’ wildlife photo-journalist Joe Riis inspires the new generation. Born to a wildlife biologist and raised on a farm on the prairies of South Dakota, wildlife photography was a natural career option for Mr. Riis. Yet it wasn’t until graduation that he actually realized this dream. Post his college graduation as wildlife biologist in University of Wyoming, Riis started working as a full-time photographer Read more [...]

Where The Adventures of ‘The Jungle Book’ Come Alive: Thailand Jungle Tour

Jungle Tours Jungle is a nature’s best treasure and it needs due attention at the earliest because it is getting affected really badly due to several global warming related issues. Khao Kheow open Zoo’s programs benefit visitors to understand how animal conservation can benefit society and how to sustain nature’s beauty without neglecting basics of environmental boundaries. In this summer we are glad to share beautiful services of Journey to the jungle to educate our valuable visitors. Our exciting shows Read more [...]

It Is Better To Conquer Yourself Than To Win A Thousand Battles

Happy Buddha Day Once again the day has come where you can acquire merit and earn the blessings of Lord Buddha. On 17th may 2013 which happens to be the full moon of ‘vaishakh month’ the entire Buddhist community in Asia celebrates the Buddha Day. Buddha day is celebrated in memory of Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment as well as death. On this day temples that hold Lord Buddha’s relics, venerate the relics. Thousands of pilgrims travel to such places and witness the ceremony.People flock to temples where Read more [...]

Go Inexpensive; Go Pattaya!

Pattaya Grand Sale The most awaited Pattaya Grand Sale is here again. Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh recently announced the Pattaya Grand Sale for 2013. This offseason sale is the best medium to attract tourism in the slack period. It is mostly targeted to domestic travelers or offbeat international travelers. This Sale promises exciting offers and savings of up to 60 percent on hotels room, 50 percent at golf courses, tourist attractions and 20 percent at the restaurants. Majority of regional business, tourism, sports Read more [...]

You Are the Wind under My Wings: Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day Celebrating the most divine relationship and the most divine love; is Mother’s day. From the time of our conception till the end, her sole purpose of existence is our well being. This is the level of a mother’s diligence and love towards her offspring. She is the child’s first love, teacher and confidant, consistently catering to all its needs. Mother’s day is the day that gives us the opportunity to say her humble thank you, to appreciate her efforts and pamper her.Mothers in the wildlife Read more [...]

Amusing, Surprising and Heartwarming: An Evening at the Zoo

Khao Kheow Zoo In routine life we always have a long tiring day. We want to enjoy a nice evening but run out of options. Classy restaurants, pubs, movies are done to death and we are always looking for something new to do. So how about an evening in a zoo? An evening in Thailand’s Khao Kheow open zoo with 'Eco Half Day Tour Package' is best reward you can give yourself for the hard work of the day. Start your evening with a welcome drink and a dinner in the famous Green Hills Restaurant; enjoy exquisite Thai Read more [...]