A Walk To Remember: In To The Jungle

After Dark Night Safari Measure life with the moments you have lived facing thrills and adventures of life and by defeating your fear. Experience Thailand’s best Animal safari from the best zoo, Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Come with your family and friends and gear up in this summer for mind-boggling scenes of the journey to the jungle’s special programs. After dark night safari is an adventurous show for kids, adults and for every other wildlife enthusiasts, who likes adventures of jungle.Visitors traveling around Pattaya, Read more [...]

Asiatic Lion – Magnificent Panthera Leo Persica

Asiatic Lion One of the most fascinating bits is why people are enthralled as they hear or talk about the magnificent Asiatic Lion and needleless to say it is because of their fearless persona. Asiatic lion is one of the seven species of lions. They are also known as Panthera Leo Persica by their scientific name and they are majorly found In the Gir Forest of Gujarat, India. If you have ever imagined experiencing wild animals from the closest distance, Gir is the ultimate place to be for this thrilling experience.Diet Read more [...]

Celebrating Hard Work & Sincerity @ Khao Kheow Open Zoo!!

Animal Performance Shows On the occasion of Labour Day on May 1st 2013 entertaining events were lined up at Khao Kheow open zoo for the visitor, animals and employees. The zoo celebrated this day of commemorating hard work and sincerity by paying a tribute to all the hard working employees. Last Wednesday the zoo saw a string of animal performance shows that left the guests completely enthralled and entertained. A fleet of 15 Humboldt Penguins from Peru paraded to resemble a perfect set of disciplinarians in tuxedos. Read more [...]

As Spring Arrives, It’s Time To Wish, Happy Greenery Day!!

Happy Greenery Day Japan is one of the rare, environmentally sound nations that celebrate a special day devoted to Mother Nature. This day is called ‘The Greenery Day’, or in Japanese, ‘Midori no Hi’ where ‘Midori’ means green and "Hi" means day. This day is also a part of the grand Japanese celebrations of the golden week. Greenery day is celebrated on the 5th of May every year.  May in Japan is a pleasant month where the winters make way for the beautiful spring. The nature puts on a beautiful dress Read more [...]

Thailand’s Jungle Tours To Calm Your Senses

Khao Kheow Forest & Wildlife Park Khao Kheow open zoo welcomes you to its lush green premises. Forget the world for two days and enter into a dream. Yes dream is what a '2 Day 1 Night Trip' to the zoo will seem like. From the moment you enter the gates till you leave, be cradled by Mother Nature.  This uplifting experience begins as you check in to the well set up camping resort.  Make sure you savor the delicious Thai food at Green Hills Restaurant and get ready for a long walk around the zoo.  This open zoo of Thailand offers Read more [...]

Reap the Fruits of Your Labour: Happy Labour Day

Happy Labour Day Labourer is beautifully defined as "who from crude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold." May 1ST is celebrated all over the world as the International Labour Day. It is a day to celebrate time after eight hours of long hard work throughout the year. It is said that the labour class of New Zealand were the first people to celebrate this on 28 October 1890. On this day thousands of trade union members and supporters attended parades in the main centres and Government employees Read more [...]

Let the golden week bring you golden memories. Happy Golden Week!

Japan Golden Week Golden week is one of Japans’ longest and most anticipated holiday times. Many Japanese offices close at this time for a stretch of the entire week. Due to the long holiday most people look at this as the best opportunity to travel with their friends and family. Also tourists are expected in large numbers to experience the culture of Japan more closely. Hence the airports, railways and most other forms of transport, hotels and tourist spots are overflowing with both local and international tourists. The Read more [...]

Happy Showa Day

Happy Showa Day Japan has a very rich history, and one such history is the 63 year long reign of Emperor Hirohito. Emperor Hirohito was born on 29th April 1091 and came to power on December 25, 1926 after his father’s demise. Hence Showa day is celebrated on his birth day to commemorate his great kingship. This day is a National Holiday in Japan and also marks the beginning of the most celebrated ‘Golden Week’ festival. Traditionally the day was celebrated as the emperor’s birthday, although post the death Read more [...]

Reach a New High with Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Ripley’s Believe It or Not The Ripley’s Believe It or Not is creating a one a million opportunity for thai people to experience the glorious experience of flying. It’s called the “Ripley’s Sky Rider,” and is Thailand’s first tethered helium balloon. Balloon ride from the roof of Royal Garden Plaza open to the public since April 3 the 72-meter-wide balloon is equipped to carry 30 passengers to a height of 150 meters in the air. This ride is Ripley’s eighth tourist attraction to have opened in South Pattaya mall. Read more [...]

Let’s Paint The World Green On Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Happy earth day to all the humans, animals, birds, insects and every other creature to whom this planet is home! Today, April 22th is the International Earth Day, a day to remind each one of us how the brunt of unsustainable development are being borne by Mother Earth. Earth Day events are held worldwide to express support towards environmental protection. The name and concept of Earth Day was originated by John McConnell in 1969 at an UNESCO Conference in San Francisco. March 21, being the first Read more [...]

Best wishes of ‘Gio To Hung Vuong Day’

Gio To Hung Vuong Day On the 19th of April 2013 the whole of Vietnam celebrates its most patriotic day, ‘Gio to Hung Vuong day’. This day is a somber ritual of commemorating the death anniversary of the Hung Kings. Vietnam as a nation was founded by Emperor Hung Vuong almost 50 centuries ago. A Hung Vuong National Altar was built in 250 BC in Phu Tho (North Vietnam) to honor the founding fathers and all the kings of this dynasty. It has since been one of the most popular sites in the country where tourist came from Read more [...]

Protecting the gifts of nature: Neill’s Long-tailed Giant Rat

Neill's Long-tailed Giant Rat These mischievous rodents are also known as Leopoldamys. Jungle is full of beautiful birds, animals and other dangerous species and then comes a time where these wild treasures start reducing down. Gradually, one fine day we realize that we are not in a position to save these endangered animals. That is when need of finding solutions arise. Neil’s Long-tailed Giant Rats are majorly found in Thailand. Major concern is their data is not so easily available, therefore the International Union for Read more [...]