A Not So Lazy Afternoon In The Jungles of Thailand

Khao Kheow Open Zoo Enliven a lazy afternoon by visiting the best of Thailand’s adventures. Visit the Khao Kheow Open Zoo’s afternoon eco tour package, which is designed to give you an afternoon filled with fun activities. The moment you enter the zoo you notice its rich ambiance. It is an instant way of releasing stress and calming your senses. Khao Kheow Open Zoo is popular for its large collection of rare and endangered wildlife species. Enjoy your welcome drink and a lavish lunch at the famous Green Hills Restaurant. Read more [...]

Resurrect Your Happiness: Happy Easter

Happy Easter Easter, one of the most popularly celebrated Christian festivals is here. The Son of God, Jesus Christ had risen from his grave on this day. The word Easter means Passover; hence it is also called the resurrection day. It is day to rejoice and celebrate. Easter marks the end of a dark period and sufferings; it also falls at the time when winters give way to spring. Hence quite literally nature resurrects to life too. Preparations for celebrations are usually in full force from a week prior. Decorating Read more [...]

Commemorating the Lord’s Love on Good Friday

Good Friday As we all know the Good Friday is one of the most important days in Christianity. Let us all come together in silent prayers to commemorate Jesus Christ and his greatest sacrifice. The great ‘Son of God’ was crucified on the Friday before the full moon of March equinox, since then every year the Friday prior to the full moon of March equinox is observed as the ‘Good Friday’. People observe this day by wearing black, holding a fast and refraining from consuming any meat. The Catholic Church Read more [...]

Color Your Life With The Festival Of Colors!!

Happy Holi The festival of colors is here again. One of the most vibrant festivals of India, Holi is quite popular even outside the nation.  Holi depicts the triumph of good over evil. It is celebrated by lighting a bonfire. The bonfire resembles the end of evil as well as the fire god. People worship the fire by offering coconuts and other religious offerings into it. This is done on the night of Holi. The following day is ‘Dhuliwandan’, where people use the ash from the previous night’s bonfire and Read more [...]

Summer Time Fun! Pygmy Hippopotamus @ Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Pygmy Hippopotamus Being situated on the tropical zone of the globe doesn’t exactly make us excited about summer. The scorching heat and trickling humidity denies us the opportunities to get out of our homes and have a good time. But not anymore, the outdoors invites you to enjoy the summers without the irritants. We are glad to inform that this time summer will be a lot more easy to beat at Khao Kheow Open Zoo with our brand new all day water sprinkler program. These programs will run throughout the hot summer season. Read more [...]

The Festival of Nature: Happy Spring Equinox Day

Happy Spring Equinox Day As we all know March is the month of spring. It is hence the month of Spring Equinox Day. In Japan the 20th or 21st of March is celebrated as the locally known ‘Shunbun no Hi’. It is that day of year during spring when the lengths of day and night are equal. During the period of Meiji Government this day was declared as a national holiday. The celebrations of Spring Equinox Day begin three days prior and end three days post the actual day. This time period is called “higan”. Higan is an occasion Read more [...]

High-Speed Train Transit to Connect Bangkok-Pattaya in 2018

Fast Speed Train Bangkok-Pattaya Recently the news was abuzz with the talk of the high-speed train service to be started between Bangkok and Pattaya. A senior transport official announced that three other main routes connecting Bangkok to Hua Hin route, Nakhon Ratchasima and Phitsanulok shall be completed by the following year, whereas the Bangkok-Pattaya route is estimated to be completed in 2018. Director of the Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning Office Chula Sookmanob informed that the Bangkok-Hua Hin route, the Bangkok-Nakhon Read more [...]

The Wild Side of Thailand: Khao Kheow Zoo

Khao Kheow Open Zoo The jungle safari, Thailand is synonymous to Khao Kheow Open Zoo. One of the ace zoos of Thailand it has around 300 species of wildlife in a stress free natural environment. The welcoming staff offers you a drink when you entre and guides you towards the Bird Show – Wildlife Animals Presentation. Watch some of the most unique and colorful birds perform entertaining tricks. it’s now time to understand the jungle through our ‘journey to the jungle’ show, the zoo rangers make certain wild animals Read more [...]

Lyle’s Flying Fox: An Ample Kite

Lyle's Flying Fox Lyle’s Flying Fox is a megabat belonging to Pteropodidae family. They are mammals and their origin is Asia. Lifespan is about 20 years or more depending upon the captivity. Roughly these bats weight between 600-1000 grams. Gestation period is for flying fox is about 150 days. Lyle’s Flying Foxes are one of the biggest bats in the world. Some of them have reach (wingspan from one wing to another wing) up to two meters. They are social bunch of species that forms group of large colonies and rest Read more [...]

Love Sees No Logic, Only Expression: Happy White Day

Happy White Day All over the world people celebrate their love on the 14 of Feb – Valentine’s Day. But in Japan one day is not enough for people to express their love.  The Japanese folks celebrate one more day, ‘The White Day’ on the 14th of March, which is exactly a month after the Valentine’s Day. The White Day is when the love expressed on V-day is returned. In Japan Valentine's Day is primarily observed by girls and women. Women express their feelings by gifting chocolate gifts. Although handmade Read more [...]

An Entire Day of Endless Thrill: 1 Day Tour + Night Safari

After Dark Night Safari Stressed due to the constantly nagging boss?  Is the city noise and crowd getting on your nerves?  Then simply get away from it. Won’t you rather surround yourself with a flock of penguins than a herd of people? Or watch the fidgety and furry lemurs than your fidgety secretary? This is exactly what the ‘1 day eco adventure tour along with after dark safari’ will offer you. Seize the day, because that is all you need to rejuvenate your batteries and live life to the fullest.  Let us give Read more [...]

When Silence Speaks Louder Than Words: Happy Nyepi

Happy Nyepi Our Balinese friends will be celebrating their traditional new year this Tuesday on 12 March. As most of the population in Indonesia is Hindu, the festival also belongs to same religion. Nyepi, as it is locally called is observed as the ‘Day of Silence’. It is a Government holiday in Indonesia when all the shops, offices even the airport is shut down. Only ambulances in case of emergency are allowed. Although most communities celebrate New Year with lot of festivity, the day of silence is completely Read more [...]