Protecting the gifts of nature: Neill’s Long-tailed Giant Rat

Neill's Long-tailed Giant Rat

These mischievous rodents are also known as Leopoldamys. Jungle is full of beautiful birds, animals and other dangerous species and then comes a time where these wild treasures start reducing down. Gradually, one fine day we realize that we are not in a position to save these endangered animals. That is when need of finding solutions arise.

Neil’s Long-tailed Giant Rats are majorly found in Thailand. Major concern is their data is not so easily available, therefore the International Union for Conservation of Nature status remains data-deficient. Journey to the jungle is an educative program for students and visitors who visits Thailand’s best zoo – Khao Kheow Open Zoo.

Neill's Long-tailed Giant Rat

When endangered species are in sufficient numbers, concerning authorities tend to keep it easy. This leads to loose ends and flaws starts gripping the maintenance bit. Merely suitable habitats are not sufficient enough as there are many other processes that need to be regularly followed by respective bodies. Diet, water, safety measures and fine tuning as per the changing season are imperative to sustain these incredible animals that are a gift of nature.

According to studies by Wiles in the year 1981, species of Leopoldamys are rare in lowland areas of bamboo. For conservation programs you may reach us at:

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