Puma/Cougar: Silent Hunter

Puma Cougar


This breed of cat is known by several names such as Puma, Mountain cat, Mountain Lion, Catamount or Panther. Its name varies from places. This slender heavy cat is capable of surprising any size of species. Puma loves hunting down prey and they are extremely quick on their feet, when need arises. Males are bigger than females.

Pumas are nocturnal prefer activities at dusk and dawn. Mostly during limited daytime. They don’t roar, but have other vocal capacities, and both sexes have different vocal calls. Puma/ Cougars have long feet and longest hind legs of the cat family.

While it cannot roar, it is capable of a variety of vocalizations, and both sexes have a distinctive call, likened to a woman’s scream. They have large feet and proportionally the longest hind legs of the cat family.

Puma / Cougar

Distribution: Pumas can be found from coast in North America, and from southern Argentina and Chile to southeastern Alaska. Natives of America, has vast territorial areas roughly from west Hemisphere form Yukon, Canada up till Southern Andes of South America.

Diet: The known prey of cougars ranges from insects, birds, and mice up to porcupine, capybara, pronghorn, wapiti, bighorn sheep and moose.

Habitat: Puma/Cougar uses various habitats such as montane coniferous forests, grassland, dry brush country, swamps, lowland tropical forests and other areas with sufficient safety and prey quaintly. Puma/Cougar prefers dark places such as dense vegetation, caves, and rocky crevices as their shelter.

Puma Cougar

Khao Kheow Open Zoo one of the major attractions of Bangkok has many species of Puma/Cougar. Journey to the Jungle has a show where you can see Puma/Cougar it natural behavior. If you are in Thailand for an adventure with your family, Khao Kheow Open Zoo is perfect place to visit.

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