Red-shanked Douc at Khao Kheow Zoo


Amongst many wild animals there are certain ones that remain adorable forever. The breed of monkey is something which fits into this category quite easily.  There are times when jungle just remains sublime with its enchanting atmosphere.  The costumed- ape is famously recognized by the name Red- Shanked Douc.

For years, across the world Thailand has become hub for wildlife enthusiasts. Khao Kheow Open Zoo has contributed immensely toward endangered animals and it has resulted in healthy population of these species. It is oftentimes observed that visitors seem more excited when they see any kind of birds or animals that are uncommon.

Red-shanked Douc Monkey

The pleasure of being the wilderness is beyond ones imagination. It may seem that Zoos are just about animals, birds and other dangerous species but only those who have either seen or studied about the mesmerizing facts about wildlife will know how amazing is to have these wildlife treasures. It is cherished by experts who understand the importance of sustaining animals so that future generations can see them.

The cute Red-Shanked douc at Thailand’s best Zoo adds fun and excitement into the wildlife experience. This visit will certainly inspire many visitors who travel Bangkok. Try visiting this amazing zoo and make best of wildlife journey.

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