Reticulated Python – The Striped King

Reticulated Python

Python Facts

This magical snake gets name from its hypnotizing colors and pattern of its scales. Its name has been coined as per the intersecting lines across python’s body. Reticulated Python can be found in Southeast Asia i.e. Myanmar and India. This snake goes by the name, ‘Regal Python’ wherein ‘regal’ means the king. With its long size, Reticulated Python is considered as world’s longest snake. They are thin and not too heavy.

Large female spices of reticulated pythons have the ability to hatch around 100 eggs at a time. Baby Pythons slits the eggshell with their tooth and makes way out.


Distribution: Largely found in Southeast-Asia i.e. Nicobar Islands, Northeast India, Bangladesh, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore.

Habitat: Reticulated Python lives in the areas of nearby streams, lakes, in rain forests, rivers, woodland and grassland.

Diet: These spectacular snakes grow up to eight meter long. Reticulated Pythons are splendiferous swimmers and extremely quick in the water. Reticulated feeds largely on mammals and occasionally as birds. These pythons are smart hunters who patiently wait for the prey to relax before they strike at them. They can easily kill their prey and swallow without any difficulty. Pythons are capable of digesting the entire body except prey’s feathers and fur.

Reticulated Python

Khao Kheow Open Zoo has one of the most attractive species of Reticulated Python in Bangkok. It has wide range of Reticulated Python that are exhibited in Journey to the Jungle. This amazing place showcases several varieties of snakes. Over all it’s a wonderful place to hang out and to have fun time with family.

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