Save Beauty of Mother Earth

Natural Conservation Programme at KKOZ

Natural Conservation Programme at Khao Kheow Open Zoo

We learn throughout our lives regardless of whether we want it or not. With our willingness and dedication, we can certainly learn, besides life experiences are the best teacher, be it hard way or anything else. The fact of the matter stands still that learning is a never-ending process and we just get better as we learn more. There is constant rush of information and knowledge that each of us consume at each and every stages of our lives.

Thailand’s beloved Khao Kheow Open Zoo throws another gem of a surprise with Natural Conservation Programme. A training programme offered by Khao Kheow Zoo to spread awareness about the various aspects of wildlife. This special camp was organised on weekend with 40 members from the local administrative offices and awareness programme included members from the nearby schools as well, which allowed many an opportunity to learn and understand benefits of conservation and significance of clean environment on planet earth.

Bangkok’s one of the hottest tourist destinations ‘Khao Kheow Open Zoo’ has constantly aimed at educating visitors to manage the increasing global warming with the power of knowledge. Ignorance has damaged nature and human lives and it is high time that we need to step-up to save beauties of Mother Earth.

Natural conservation programme at Bangkok’s best zoo Khao Kheow managed to cover surveying methods to enhance people’s knowledge about environment and various benefits of conservation of natural resources and materials that are currently being used for production by locals. If we all can work together to improve the disturbing global warming, then we will surely do a massive favour to our upcoming generations by preserving the priceless treasures of planet earth.

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