Skunk: Cuteness Of The Jungle


Skunks Facts Skunks are primarily nocturnal which are also known as Polecats. Skunk produces strong disgusting smell as they secrete liquid by glands under their large tails. The physical trait of Skunk differs by multiple shapes and colors such as brown, black, cream and grey.

Stink Badgers belong to Skunk family of Mephitidae. There are several kinds of Mephitidae which are further categorized in four divisions i.e. Mephitis (Striped Skunk), Conepatus (Hog-nosed Skunk), Mydaus and Spotted (Spilogale.) Skunks are kept as pets as well. Skunk uses their smelly scent bombs to attack foes which have reach up till 3 meters of distance. It doesn’t quite damage anyone however it surely makes other species.


Distribution:Skunks are largely found across America and many parts of Canada.

Habitat: Skunks live in open areas with blends of habitats like in woods, agricultural lands, grasslands, and meadows. Their home range is about two miles as it’s believed that resources of water may limit skunks home ranges. The striped skunks are generally found in suburban locations as they get ample of covering from buildings and other structures.

Diet: Skunks are omnivorous species, which eat plants as well as animals. Skunks alter their diet seasonally and adapts with the changes accordingly. Skunks prefer insects, rodents, birds and many other small species. Skunk usually consumed berries, roots, leaves, grasses, fungi, and nuts.

Skunk Facts

Khao Kheow Open Zoo exhibits one of the most attractive Skunks in Bangkok. With the large variety of these magnificent species Journey to the Jungle showcases the real beauty of the wildlife. Overall it’s an enjoyable adventure for the entire family and a lifetime experience.

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