Slow Loris: Swinging Beauties

Slow Loris: Swinging Beauties

Biological ranking of Slow Loris (Genus) is Nycticebus Coucang. They are gifted climbers who are proficient enough to hang themselves with their merely by their feet when needed. They are short and covered by either grey or white fur, depending upon their range. As compared to Slender Loris they are larger by size. Lifespan is 20 years.

The most threatening fact about these wonderful species is that they are endangered because certain companies use them as exotic pets or for medicines. Gestation period of Slow Loris is about 193 days. The population of Bornean Slow Loris has dipped drastically and they are listed as insufficient as per the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) database. Lories have additional vertebrae on their backs so that enables them to comfortably swing across tree branches.

Slow Loris Facts

Habitat: Malayan Rainforest, Canopies, and most of them are found on the treetops.

Distribution: Southeast Asia, Assam, Burma, Thailand, Indo-China and certain parts of East-Indian Islands.

Diet: Slow Lories are omnivores who consume insects, fruits, reptiles, nectar, gums, animal preys and bird eggs.

Slow Loris

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