Small Indian Civet – The Raging Cat

Small Indian Civet

They look like a cat and they are yellow and brownish gray by colour. Round ears make them a noticeable civet. These civets come from a Viverridae family. Small Indian Civet also goes by the name Viverricula Indica. Their spine and legs are covered with several dark spots. It weighs roughly three Kilograms.

Small Indian Civet is nocturnal and prefers staying alone. They are arboreal animals (live in trees). Lifespan of Small Indian Civet is of 22 years. Sexual Maturity of Small Indian Civet is still unknown and sort of mystery in a way.

Distribution: South Indian, Indonesia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Habitat: Majorly in the thick areas of vegetation, bushes and green forest.

Civet Facts

Diet: They are nocturnal who goes for the hunt at nights. Most common diet consist rodents, lizards, birds, insects and eggs. In spite being arboreal species they hunt for the food on the grounds.

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