Sumatran Rhinoceros – Power Personified

Sumatran Rhinoceros - Power Personified

There are very few species of Rhinoceros that are still fairly populated. The appearance of Sumatran Rhinoceros differs from the other species of Rhinocerotidae family. Sumatran rhinos are no-doubt heavily built hairy species. They have two horns and ears have thick patches of hair around it. There have been times where these beautiful looks Rhinos are shifted from one place to another because either they were not treated as required or the habitats were getting affected by global warming and other loopholes.

Majorly Sumatran Rhinos are found around thick vegetation areas and swamps. Considering the fact way jungles are getting destroyed it is really imperative to find solutions for such destructive issues. Focus should be implied on one of the most recognized national parks from Indonesia the ‘Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park’, as it is largely population of Sumatran Rhinos. However, these magnificent wildlife beauties are getting affected by illegal people who are producing coffee and rice.

sumatran Rhinoceros

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