Summer Time Fun! Pygmy Hippopotamus @ Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Pygmy Hippopotamus

Being situated on the tropical zone of the globe doesn’t exactly make us excited about summer. The scorching heat and trickling humidity denies us the opportunities to get out of our homes and have a good time. But not anymore, the outdoors invites you to enjoy the summers without the irritants. We are glad to inform that this time summer will be a lot more easy to beat at Khao Kheow Open Zoo with our brand new all day water sprinkler program. These programs will run throughout the hot summer season. The sprinkler program was initiated in order to maintain the animals’ health and calmness.

The surprise doesn’t end here.  We are also excited to introduce you the latest addition to Khao Kheow Open Zoo family. The West African Pygmy Hippopotamus, a small hippopotamid and one of only two existing species in the Hippopotamidae family. The Pygmy Hippo has a reclusive and nocturnal behavior. It is a semi-aquatic creature and rests inside water bodies for long hours to keep its skin moisturized and its body temperature cool. It is an herbivorous animal that mainly consumes ferns, broad-leaved plants, grasses and fruits that are easily available in its habitat.

Their existence is primarily threatened by loss of habitat caused by mass deforestation and conversion of forests into farmlands. Other threats faced by Pygmy Hippo are poaching, hunting, natural predators and war.

We can assure that at Khao Kheow Open Zoo it is in safe hands, nicely resting in the lake and enjoying the coolness of water in this summers. So don’t forget to visit us and say hi to our new family member and beat the heat amidst the lush greenery.

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