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Asian Elephant: Big, Beautiful & Mysterious

Asian Elephant

Known as ‘Elephas Maximus’ by their scientific name. Asian elephant is the only living species of Elephas that still exists. They are the largest land animals in Asia but smallest species of elephant. Asian elephants are smaller as Compared to African elephants. Body length of Asian Elephant is about 11 feet and they weigh between 2.5 to 4.9 tons. Their life expectancy is about 60-70 years. These enormous elephants have thick brown or black skin. Tusk of these elephant is about 6 feet long. Read more [...]

Asian Elephant – The Largest Living Land Animal

Asian Elephant

It is amazing to see things from a distance and the other fascinating bit is that if you see any animal as massive as Asian elephant. Size does matter and along with size many other traits get considered such as space, food and water consumption. They come as pretty high maintenance species in terms of their consumption and other habits however; they certainly are one of the most adorable Elephas Maximus. These animals are the largest land living species in the Asian region. Visit Thailand’s best Read more [...]