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Asian Elephant: Big, Beautiful & Mysterious

Asian Elephant

Known as ‘Elephas Maximus’ by their scientific name. Asian elephant is the only living species of Elephas that still exists. They are the largest land animals in Asia but smallest species of elephant. Asian elephants are smaller as Compared to African elephants. Body length of Asian Elephant is about 11 feet and they weigh between 2.5 to 4.9 tons. Their life expectancy is about 60-70 years. These enormous elephants have thick brown or black skin. Tusk of these elephant is about 6 feet long. Read more [...]

Thai Elephant: The Slow Moving Beauty


Beauty of the jungle lies in its air, sounds and mesmerizing treasures of its nature. Thailand is truly blessed with large areas of jungles and mammoth army of Thai Elephants. They are just adorable. A zoo influences rich and vibrant environmental conditions for Thailand’s wildlife. The elements such as jungle trekking, bird watching and other activities that take place during your wildlife trip becomes more enjoyable when you experience it while sitting on the great Thai elephants. Thai elephants Read more [...]