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Scarlet Macaw: The Flying Beauty

Scarlet Macaw: The Flying Beauty

These parrots are part of Psittacidae family, who are seed eaters. Lifespan in the jungle is 50 years approximately. They go by the scientific name Ara Macao. This beautiful Macaw will make you wonder how beautiful this life can be whenever you spot them. Wide touch wings and hollow bones enable Scarlet Macaw to fly comfortably. Scarlet Macaw gathers together in flocks, when they sleep at night. The most common thing is that these parrot stays with a company be it in trees or flying in the skies. With Read more [...]

Green Wing Macaw: The Magnificent Bird

Green Wing Macaw

These Red and Green Macaw are also known as ‘Ara’ which means Macaw, ‘Chloropterus’ means ‘Green wing’. They come from the family Psittacidae. They are covered with lovely red plumage that looks incredible on these parrots. Tail and wings are covered with blue and green feathers. Green-Wing Macaw has white face, which is beautifully cushioned with small yellow feathers. Green-wing Macaw has one of the largest reach compared to any other Macaws. They are monogamous species which means Read more [...]

Mystic fortune teller at Zoo: Is J.R the new avatar of ‘Paul the Octopus’?


Traditionally it is observed that when travelers visit to Zoo or Museum people get to see is the colourful birds, incredible wild-animals and other gigantic mammals. Wildlife enthusiasts gather around cages and different corners of Zoos clicks pictures, chat, laugh and few rides here and there, mostly this what usually happens regardless of where ever you go to experience jungle.But as it turned out we found out that this not that usually occurs in Zoo. The thrilling magic of jungle is not just all Read more [...]

Blue and Yellow Macaw: Bold & The Beautiful

Blue and Yellow Macaw

Blue-and-yellow Macaw is beautiful bird. They weigh roughly around 3 to 4 pounds. Wide wingspan of 3to 4 feet gives them good balance when they fly in the windy weather. Blue-and-yellow Macaw comes from the Psittacidae family, which is basically a family of parrots who are seed eaters. Blue-and-yellow Macaws have lifespan may go up to 60 plus years. These parrots have golden yellow colored crest, blue turquoise blue wings and tail feathers. These birds fly together in a group in a large flock. Strong Read more [...]