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Sumatran Rhinoceros – Power Personified

Sumatran Rhinoceros - Power Personified

There are very few species of Rhinoceros that are still fairly populated. The appearance of Sumatran Rhinoceros differs from the other species of Rhinocerotidae family. Sumatran rhinos are no-doubt heavily built hairy species. They have two horns and ears have thick patches of hair around it. There have been times where these beautiful looks Rhinos are shifted from one place to another because either they were not treated as required or the habitats were getting affected by global warming and other Read more [...]

Javan Rhino – Rhinoceros Sondaicus

Javan Rhino

Wildlife is surrounded with spectacular beauties and mesmerizing charm of wilderness. Javan Rhino is a one-horned rhinoceros from Rhinocerotidae family. They have small thorn compared to their other counterparts. They are one of the rarest amongst their remaining population of rhinos. Length wise these gigantic rhinos are about 10 feet long and upto six feet by height. These rhinos are hairless and gray in appearance. Majority of Javan Rhino were found earlier in the islands such as Sumatra, Java Read more [...]

White Rhino – Plump Beauty of The Wild


These massive mammals are one of fortunate ones of the five categories of rhinos that still exist. White Rhinoceros goes by the scientific name ‘Ceratotherium Simum’ and even sometimes as Square-lipped rhinoceros. They are may seem gray but the difference is the shape of their lips. In this case, black rhinos have pointed upper lip as compared to others. White rhino are humongous mammals about 11–13.6 feet long and their tail is about 45-70 cm. They weigh around 1500–3600 kg. They have two Read more [...]