Thai Elephant: The Slow Moving Beauty


Beauty of the jungle lies in its air, sounds and mesmerizing treasures of its nature. Thailand is truly blessed with large areas of jungles and mammoth army of Thai Elephants. They are just adorable. A zoo influences rich and vibrant environmental conditions for Thailand’s wildlife. The elements such as jungle trekking, bird watching and other activities that take place during your wildlife trip becomes more enjoyable when you experience it while sitting on the great Thai elephants.

Thai elephants are unique breed amongst their other contemporaries. These elephants are gifted with highly developed brains and they have great memory. Mostly these Thai elephants are found in hordes and the bunch of these slow moving land mammals look absolutely magical when you see them in enjoying the water. If you visit Thailand make sure you stop-by at places to watch the local Thai Elephants.

Elephant Ride - Jungle Trekking

There are several instances when visitors are in a hurry and they want to see places faster to save time. However, it is observed that venturing jungles while relaxing on comforting Thai elephant is one of the best ways to explore journey to the jungle. Treat yourself with a unique biodiversity jungle ride by sitting on mammoth Thai elephants. Journey to the jungle revolves around wild birds and animals. Thai elephants are friendly and highly trained by our professionals.

Elephant Rides

Rediscover magic of jungle at Thailand’s best zoo Khao Kheow Open Zoo and enjoy 30 minutes Thai Elephant ride. These elephant rides are loved by kids, adults, students by many wildlife enthusiasts from around the globe for fun, excitement and adventure. No matter how high-tech cars, vehicles or mode you take to explore Mother Nature’s glory there is nothing as satisfying as elephant ride of the jungle.

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