Thailand’s Jungle Tours To Calm Your Senses

Khao Kheow Forest & Wildlife Park

Khao Kheow open zoo welcomes you to its lush green premises. Forget the world for two days and enter into a dream. Yes dream is what a ’2 Day 1 Night Trip’ to the zoo will seem like. From the moment you enter the gates till you leave, be cradled by Mother Nature.  This uplifting experience begins as you check in to the well set up camping resort.  Make sure you savor the delicious Thai food at Green Hills Restaurant and get ready for a long walk around the zoo.  This open zoo of Thailand offers a wide range of animal life to be witnessed closely. The sightseeing is the most heart warming experience. Watch the Bird aviary, Chimpanzee & Orangutan and visit Australasia where you get to witness the Australian wildlife. Get amazed at the Bird & Friend show, Wildlife animal presentation, Lemur Land and Penguin Parade.

Food At Green Hills Restaurant Khao Kheow Open Zoo

After several hours of close encounter with animals it is now time for self reflection and simply admiring nature and its calming effects. Enjoy some free relaxation time in the zoo by yourself. Once again it is time to fill your sack, as next up is the after dark tour.  Enjoy your dinner at the Green hills restaurant and prepare for one of the most thrilling experiences in the zoo. The day has just begun.

After Dark Safari

Khao Kheow Open Zoo offers a widest exhibit of the animals from cat family in the Cat Complex. For those of you who are hardcore wildlife fans you must not miss the Journey to the Jungle After Dark Show. The show expands on the behaviors and traits of the nocturnal creatures and helps you to understand the balance of the jungle better. Implement the newly acquired knowledge from the show during the tram ride in the zoo and spotting wildlife the night time jungle tour. End your day by reclining into comfortable and beautiful camping resorts. An overnight experience in the zoo will doubtlessly leave a wide smile on your face that will last for several days to come.

Breakfast With Suriya Orangutan

Sunrise is nature’s greatest gift to all life forms. Wake up to the most beautiful view of sunrise in Khao Kheow Open Zoo. In the morning of the following day your itinerary has the most unusual activity; breakfast with Suriya, the orangutan.  Post the breakfast hop on an elephant for a nice jungle tour during the elephant ride. This incredibly calming excursion certainly makes you feel highly energized for several weeks to come.

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