The Chilling Beauty: Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger facts:

Siberian Tigers prefer cold region and they are largely found the coldest areas, Southeastern side of Russia and they are also found in China and North Korea. Siberian cats are also known as (Panthera Tigris Altaica) Amur. Siberian Tigers are reckoned as world’s biggest cats, weighing 700 plus pounds and The International Union for Conservation of Nature has declared Siberian Tiger as the most endangered species. Due to illegal poaching population of Siberian Tigers has reduced drastically. Animal conservation has helped but it hasn’t changed much.

Diet of Siberian Tiger:

Siberian tigers are up to 12 feet large and therefore they are quite capable of attacking almost any size of animals. As weather remains extremely cold in Russia chances of getting prey such as brown and black bears are high. Tigers leave scent-mark around the territories they visit this is the silent warming for preys. It is estimated that tigers can consume up to 100 pounds of meat per day. Cubs cannot hunt until they turn 18 months.

Siberian Tiger Facts

Other facts of Siberian Tiger:

Height of Siberian is about 3 feet and their lifespan is roughly around thirteen years. Siberian tigers are greatly respected by locals many refer them as grandfather. It is believed that unlike Asian cats, Siberian Tigers do not attack humans as much. These tigers are naturally gifted with the ability to survive in the extremely chilly weather.

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