The Festival of Nature: Happy Spring Equinox Day

Happy Spring Equinox Day

As we all know March is the month of spring. It is hence the month of Spring Equinox Day. In Japan the 20th or 21st of March is celebrated as the locally known ‘Shunbun no Hi’. It is that day of year during spring when the lengths of day and night are equal. During the period of Meiji Government this day was declared as a national holiday. The celebrations of Spring Equinox Day begin three days prior and end three days post the actual day. This time period is called “higan”. Higan is an occasion when families play homage to their ancestors by visiting their graves. The graves are cleaned and decorated with flowers and incense candles and prayers are offered to family’s ancestral spirits.

Spring Equinox Day in Japan

Spring is the festive time of nature. It is nature’s way of saying that the worst has passed and good times are here to stay. It is the time when all animals, big or small celebrate life; When plants and flowers blossom. At Khao Kheow Open Zoo no one can be happier to welcome spring than the 300 plus species residing here. The Journey To The Jungle team closely associates with this festival and urges you to celebrate this festival of nature amidst nature itself. Hence we wish you a Happy Spring Equinox Day.

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