Things to Do In Khao Kheow Zoo

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Thailand is the best destination for vacation, business trip and for many other interesting activities. There are many places where you’ll see crowd pouring in and out in almost throughout the day. Luxurious hotels, nightclubs with international music, world heritage, flea market for all products and wildlife treasures are all part of Bangkok delightful tourisms.

Some of the most fascinating activities which you can experience the Khao Kheow Open Zoo are as stated below:

Breakfast with Suriya: This is show spectacular show enable guests to see friendly orangutan indulging into entertaining activities with his acrobatic skills. This is the show which entertains not only kid but also adults of all age. Read more [...]

Breakfast with Suriya—The Friendly Orangutan

After Dark: Night is where animals, birds and other creatures come out for food, water and safe shelter. After dark safari from Khao Kheow Open Zoo has the gut-wrenching program for after dark safari. Guests are allowed go by trams to view the beautiful night view of the jungle. Read more [...]

After Dark

Green Hills Restaurant: For mouth-watering variety in the middle of lush green Khao Kheow Zoo of food visit this magnificent restaurant with all your family and loved ones. Read more [...]

Food At Green Hills Restaurant

Journey To The Jungle: An award winning animal conservation educative show which drives large number of students and tourists globally. Read more [...]

Journey to the Jungle show

Zipline Adventure: Flight of the gibbon is world’s largest canopy adventure stretched across three kilometer of wires. Read more [...]

Zip Line Adventure

Program for Student: Special activities for enhance knowledge of students by our highly experienced zoo experts. Read more [...]

Program For Students

Camping Resort: For accommodation in the green tranquility of jungle. Read more [...]

Camping Resort

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