Toying With Words at the Anti-Drugs Thai Language Triathlon

National Crossword Puzzle Competition at KKOZ


At Khao Kheow Open Zoo it is our pleasure to announce that the national crossword puzzle competition being held inside the zoo is now coming to an exciting end. The competition was organized by the Thai Crossword Puzzle Club, with an aim to develop students’ abilities to read, write and speak Thai language correctly.

More than 200 high school and college students initially participated in the multi-round crossword competition. The semi-final round was attended by 16 semi finalists and now the final eight students will compete in the finale of the Anti-Drugs Thai Language Triathlon on Dec. 14-16.

National Crossword Puzzle Competition

Crossword association founder Abhisit Ruenjit said the event was held to also honor the upcoming birthday of HM the King. During the semi-finals the “cultural relations camp” also hosted two speakers who documented part of His Majesty’s legacy.

National Crossword Puzzle Competition at KKOZ

Royal photographer Nom Pongkanchananukul’s presented with a long history of close association with the royalty presented his years of experience of  shooting photos of His Majesty’s domestic and international trips in “49 years of Following His Majesty’s Footsteps”. He stated his privilege of acquiring an unobstructed view of HM the King’s interactions with Thai citizens and his vigilance in listening and solving their problems.

National Crossword Puzzle Competition at KKOZ

The second speaker, was Pattaya Mail’s contributing writer Mr. Peter Cummins, described his time spent with His Majesty’s participation in sailing events at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club in Pattaya. Mr. Cummins showed gratitude for receiving personal instruction from His Majesty. He has also associated with Pattaya Mail Publishing Managing Director Peter Malhotra to create a book about those events.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo is ecstatic about the completion of a noble event successfully. We also thank all our patrons to show their immense support and make this event a success. Let’s say no to drugs.


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