Welcome To The Journey To The Future: Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Thailand celebrates three different new years. The traditional Thai new year called ‘SONGKRAN’, the Chinese new year and of course the universal 1st January.  Here a lot of people celebrate the western New Year by enjoying the rich night life of Thailand. Some go to temples to start a blessed new year and some simply enjoy their holiday by doing something new.

A new year brings along with it excitement, hope and energy no matter which country or tradition you belong to. The thrill of making new resolutions and breaking them, the anticipation of future and aspirations to exceed last year’s achievements; overwhelms our souls.

Happy New Year 2013 Although in the wild, the creatures do not know the concept of New Year, these animals are as anxious and hopeful as we are to turn a new page. Hence we at Khao Kheow Forest & Wildlife Park are also celebrating the New Year with great zeal. We hope to bring you many new exciting shows and safaris for you just like last year’s breakfast with Suriya, the after dark safari, etc.  Let’s make this New Year as exciting and adventurous as possible. So are you excited to explore the journey to the future with us? We will surely keep you posted so keep in touch with the journey to the jungle.

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