What The Caterpillar Calls The End of The World The Master Calls A Butterfly

Catocala Elocata Butterfly

Butterflies have been a part of our planet for more than 50 billion years. These colorful little creatures not just represent happiness but also instill and spread happiness. Butterflies are a sign of healthy ecosystem.

There are over 250,000 species of butterflies and moths. Moths are more like the nocturnal butterflies and are less colorful than there daytime counterparts. Some of the most beautiful nocturnal species are Catocala elocata and Saturnia pyri. These creatures have been a mark of beauty, freedom and peace. Man has forever been besotted by this pretty insect. Its portrayal in art, poems, music and several other artistic mediums clearly emphasizes on man’s fascination for it.

Monarch Butterfly

But is it only the beauty of this creature that makes it so important? No. butterflies dwell in habitats that are plush with healthy green ecosystems; depletion of butterflies indicates depletion of natural habitats for several other animals and birds. They are important role players in pollination. Many little birds , bats and other insect feeding creatures survive on them, thus making them an important part of food chain. In general the life span of butterflies lies between 3-14 days.

Hawk Moth Caterpillar

From a tiny larva to a creepy caterpillar and then finally to a magnificent piece of art by nature, a butterfly truly personifies metamorphoses and journey of life. It teaches us to not lose hope even in times of darkness. It shows that everyone travels the journey from failure to success. Unfortunately the fate of these beauties is in darkness itself. With growing deforestation and extensive use of chemical pesticides many species of butterflies are fast becoming extinct. As an individual we all can do simple things like plant more plants, preferably flowering plants and keep our surroundings clean and healthy and watch pretty butterflies fly to your balcony.

Owl Moth Butterfly

Our team of JTTJ is inspired by this miracle of nature. At Khao Kheow Open Zoo we might not have a special section for butterflies but a wide variety of tropical butterflies fly freely in our ambience. After all they are the creatures of freedom. So here’s another excuse for you to make a trip to the zoo.

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