Yellow-Throated Marten: The Bushy Tailed Beauty

Yellow-Throated Marten

Scientific name for Yellow-throated Marten is Martes Flavigula. These martens are also known as Kharza. Yellow-throated Marten belongs to Mustelidae family. Limbs and tail are longer. They are endangered population of Martens. Yellow-throated Martens have yellow-orange coat and their throat is yellow.

Gestation period of Yellow-throated Marten is 120 days. Females takes care of Baby Marten up till five 4-5 months. Lifespan is around 14 years. In the parts of Serbia and Korea they are hunted for their fur.

Distribution: Major distribution is in Asia i.e. places such as China, India, Himalayas, Pakistan, Indonesia, Korea and Islands of Sumatra. Best bit is that these species are widely distributed across the world.

Yellow-Throated Marten

Diet: These carnivores are meat lovers and consume Squirrels, Mice, Small Birds, and Arthropods. Other item that they consume is Fruits and nectar.

Habitat: Yellow-throated Marten is primarily diurnal; however they are also capable of hunting during the nights. They prefer mixed forest areas which are spruce and broad-leaved.

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