You Are the Wind under My Wings: Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day

Celebrating the most divine relationship and the most divine love; is Mother’s day. From the time of our conception till the end, her sole purpose of existence is our well being. This is the level of a mother’s diligence and love towards her offspring.

She is the child’s first love, teacher and confidant, consistently catering to all its needs. Mother’s day is the day that gives us the opportunity to say her humble thank you, to appreciate her efforts and pamper her.International Mother's DayMothers in the wildlife kingdom are no different than humans as motherhood itself is a universally blessed phenomenon. At JTTJ we pay our tributes to all the mothers in the wild. It’s phenomenal how in nature this relationship needs no words to express. A tigress teaches her cubs to hunt, fight and protect themselves without the help of any language. An offspring knows right from the birth who its mother is and trusts her without a single doubt.

A single day is far less to express the gratitude towards a mother, who spends her entire lifetime in making us self sufficient without expecting anything in return.

 So let’s celebrate this beautiful day by making the first lady in your life happy and proud of herself and you. Spend a day with your mother amidst the beauty of Mother Nature at Khao Kheow Open Zoo on this occasion.

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