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Our guest's Reviews

Dear friends of KKO Zoo,

Thanks for having us (ruby&ryan) and providing such fantastic service during our short stay in the zoo.

We went for 2 Days 1 Night Flight of the Gibbon Package + Night Safari. Ms Cindy was our guide and she was really friendly and we really enjoyed learning from her about the zoo. It was really heartwarming to see how she "communicated" with the animals. My personal favorite was hippo feeding. We're also thankful that she helped to take many nice shots of us with the animals!

Stay at Willow camping resort was fantastic. The experience of being surrounded by nature was lovely. I had a really good sleep!

Flight of the Gibbon (Ziplines Adventure) was the highlight for us. The experience was made even more unforgettable and memorable as it started to pour at our 2nd last zip. It was cold and a little scary being so high up there with the rain but given our professional guides, we completed everything with much cheer!

Thank you once again for having us at your open zoo!


Lee Family
Dear all,
We are from Singapore and we had a wonderful and exciting holiday this June at your Green Hill Open Zoo.
My Family enjoyed the stay; and this is the first time we got so upclose with Mother Nature and the animals. 
The children had their first live touch and feel of the animals which we can never do it back home. 

A point that is highly commendable is the dedication,hospitable and welcoming spirit of all staff in the ZOO. We moved with ease and comfort in the vicinity with the highly acclaimed slogan of : "Amazing Thailand- Land of Thousands Smiles."

Our Tour Guide- Ms Cindly Li did her utmost to make enquiries and changes to our needs. She has displayed a magnificent sense of professionalism as a guide with ample knowledge of the environment that she is working in. The reciprocate response of animals responding to her calls are a positive sign of acceptance of her presence. We got to know that she is not a Thai. Nevertheless, she has  impressed us.

Another captivating aspect is the Driver and the 11 seater van that has brought us to and fro from Bangkok. Not mentioning the numerous stops to capture all the animals of interest. The driver drove unconditionally and also did a good job in maintaining the vehicle in tip top condition. It is impressively clean, well decorated and comfortable. 

The point worth mentioning about is- Children learn best through Touch and Feel. Our Children came home narrating every activity that they had with the animals when going through the story books. 

Overall, we give 2 thumbs up for this well maintained, clean and habitable Zoo. 

Thank You.

Lee Family
“I actually thought this open zoo was great”
All too often, back in the west all we get is to see some animals all caged off or behind some glass... this zoo although not the most modern in the world is an OPEN zoo and you can actually get very close to the animals. there is food to buy to feed them and it is, very interesting. Sadly we only had 30 minutes there on the way to another attraction BUT, I will be going back for sure. it seems to me one of the few places where you can really get close to other creatures. LOVED IT!
“Fabulous day for the whole family”
This is a great 'up close' experience with a wide variety of animals. We loved that we could feed and touch many of the animals. We also appreciated that when we had our photo taken with different animals, we could use our own cameras and take as many pictures as we wanted. The staff were very friendly and helpful, reflecting true Thai hospitality. The tour package recommended on the zoo's website is good value. We would not have seen so much without our personal guide. Don't try to walk through the zoo, the van was a great idea (but there is a free tram available inside). The staff put in a lot of effort to please our tour group and we appreciated that. We all had a great day! Would not hesitate to go again or recommend this adventure to others!
“KKOZ – Where the animals are free to express their love. Yes it’s the Best Zoo”
KKOZ is the amazing tour in my whole life; yes I’m experience the live natural habitat behavior for wild big cats and other beautiful animal’s activity without any extra force and supports. Memorable moments:- I’m seeing the underwater Tigers swimming and otter throw class panel and it’s awesome to see them again and again. Also for the binturong, walking on the rope it’s remind me the Military training for my past collage life. I’m enjoying the every moment on the show. The Animals are look like healthy and well train. I really like “Surya” (Orangutan) very much. He’s very lovable animal and when he’s hug like a best friend. I love you “Surya” I always have. I’m really wishing that if India can have the own zoo to be look like a KKOZ.
“Amazing Zoo, Worlds Best Zoo Khao Kheow Open Zoo”
I saw a very new world in Khao Kheow Open Zoo I have no words to express my experience in Khao Kheow Open Zoo If you really want to amaze yourself just visit once in Khao Kheow Open Zoo Beautiful Landscapes, Amazing animal, really a very good experience in my whole life. Once I was there, I really don’t want to come back to Mumbai, it was like I am dreaming about the wonderland, Unfortunately I have to come back to Mumbai, But I am planning to Visit again very soon not alone this time with my family. My most wonderful experience in Khao Kheow Open Zoo is Journey to the Jungle its really a wonderful show its really Amazing. It was a wonderful experience.
“This Zoo is More Than a Zoo, Journey-to-the-Jungle.”
Escape from Bangkok, the biggest city of Thailand, I prefer to go to the nearest forest. Khao Kheow Open Zoo is just around 130 Km from Bangkok. The zoo is adjucent to the natural wildlife sanctuary with so good scenariom mountains, water lake, ocean.

Journey-to-the-Jungle is one of my destinations. Wild animals are presented during the show without any man forces them to do anything. They are trained without any command. So naturized !!
Suraenan RAJ
“A must do!”
I had an amazing time in the Khao Kheow Open Zoo. It is a very well thought of Zoo especially the Journey through the Jungle show....Amazing!! I Also had a chance to meet the famous Orang Uttan named "Surya", what an Experience! So much Love and Happiness. First time in my life I ever saw Penguins live in action! It was a "Happy Feet" moment .

Definately a good place to spend the entire day... very educational and entertaining... fun filled place especially if travelling with friends and family.

A delightful treat for those equiped with a Camera... Beautiful place to shoot amazing photographs... that was my Only regret...NOT bringing along my SLR.

“Out of the world !”
Journey to the jungle was the program that attracted to my interest most. It was very well perform and with very much interaction with the animals. thumbs up for the designer and all the lovely animals.
Grace Luong04
“Wonderful place to visit”
Khao Kheow Open Zoo is a wonderful place for who love the nature to visit. We can breath the pure air which less and less in the city (make sure don't stand too close to the animals cage :D) and discover the flora and fauna over there. In addition, there are some interesting animals show that really impressed me. I would love to have chance visit there again!

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