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Khao Kheow Forest and Wildlife Reserve Park

Journey to the Jungle    
Wild Khao Kheow
Journey to the Jungle
is a conservation presentation, designed to educate the visitor on how animals interact in the wild in the natural order of ecological hierarchy and food chain. This program enables guests to get up close with and appreciate some rare animals living...

WIld Khao Kheow
Come visit our wild animal friends as they help us learn about their habitats, their way of life and let them teach us a thing or two know how to keep the environment clean. Let them pass their messages on conservation and recycling and how humans play an important...

After dark    
Breakfast with Suriya
After Dark Safari
witness many animals emerge from their sanctities and lurk around the shadows of tall trees or bushes of the forest to look for food. Many of them rely on important senses such as hearing and smell, to hide from attackers and hunt for prey....

    Program for Students
Our programs are designed to provide the learning experience for school children of all ages. They will have the opportunity to get involved and discover the amazing life of many creatures which are the main focus of our programs.


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Note: We provide to transfer by mini-van (seats upto 11 adults) or private limousine from Khao Kheow to Pattaya upon request at a modest price

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