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Jungle Trekking in Khao Kheow


A good way to enjoy and learn about nature is through ecotourism, such as simply taking a trip through the rainforest. Khao Kheow forest and wildlife park, just an hour's drive from Bangkok, offers visitors the perfect environment to rediscover nature; the lush tropical rainforest of eastern Thailand provides an ideal nature classroom. Through specially organized eco adventure activities, such as trekking and elephant riding, visitors can enjoy learning about nature through active participation.

Visitors will see up close the wonders of the rainforest ecosystem, bursting with biodiversity and a source of water, plant, vegetation, insect and wildlife. Different wildlife species, such as deer, langur, wild rabbit, squirrel, boar, guinea fowl, palm civet, mouse deer, civet, porcupine and wild birds can be seen spread around this jungle habitat.


The jungle trek or an elephant ride takes you on 10, 20 and 30 minutes trips around some of the most pristine rainforest regions in eastern Thailand, especially during and after the rainy season when the jungle bursts with sporadic growth. This soft eco adventure is designed for adults and children alike, something the whole family can enjoy, filled with valuable experience and inspiring information on the ecology and environment.

A holiday in the Chonburi affords holiday-makers not only the chance to visit Khao Kheow forest and wildlife park, but also an opportunity to visit the renowned seaside resort of Pattaya. Just merely a 30-minutes drive away, the renowned seaside resort in the East of Thailand offers something for everyone in the family; whether you like the beach, walking street, shopping and dining, night life, as well as all of the outdoor adventures you would expect from an international beach resort.


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